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While we were formerly a part of Costa Rica Sky Adventures, a significant transition occurred. As of January 2023, the Costa Rica Sky Adventures Park in Monteverde gained its independence and commenced operating as an individual entity. Now, we are proudly forging our own path, building upon a rich heritage of over 25 years in the industry. This transformation allows us to evolve into an even more exceptional adventure park dedicated to providing unforgettable experiences.
Our uniqueness stems from several factors, with safety being our cornerstone. Our unwavering commitment to safety is the foundation of all we do. This commitment is further solidified by our top-tier infrastructure and equipment. Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our adherence to the highest quality standards. Beyond that, our customer-centric approach shapes every interaction, ensuring your satisfaction is at the core of our operations.
Treetopia is in the heart of stunning Costa Rica, embraced by the remarkable wonders of Monteverde Cloud Forest
Approximately 90% of the routes leading to Monteverde consist of asphalt roads. However, when traveling from downtown to Treetopia Park, you may encounter brief stretches of dirt road. Rest assured, these sections are suitable for all types of vehicles
In the cloud forest, weather conditions can swiftly shift. We suggest gearing up for adventure and having a spare set of clothes at hand.
While you have the option to combine multiple activities, individually, the zipline lasts 2.5 hours. The cableway adventure takes approximately 1 hour, the guided hanging bridges tour lasts for 2 hours, (self-guided can take as much time as you desire). Additionally, the tree climbing activity typically lasts for 45 minutes.
Absolutely, we provide spacious and secure parking lots at no cost to our visitors.
We love pets as much as you, but to keep the balance with the natural surroundings, we recommend that you leave your pets at home.
Ensuring safety is our top priority. According to our safety standards, children can independently enjoy the ride without requiring a guide’s accompaniment.
The minimum age requirement for participating in the Sky Trek ziplining activity is 5 years old. There is no maximum age limit.
For your optimal enjoyment and safety, we suggest bringing only essential items with you. To ensure the security of your belongings, complimentary lockers are available for your use.
Our zipline tour is intentionally crafted to minimize the need for extensive walking. Commencing directly from the main building, the first zipline sets the tone. Following that, we’ll take you uphill in the cableway before looping you back using the zipline system, each subsequent zipline starts right where the previous one ends.
Partially. By obtaining a ticket for the TreeTram cable way, you can join your family and friends for the first two ziplines. However, it’s important to note that beyond this juncture, they will venture beyond your reach.
Certainly! The TreeTram experience is an inclusive part of the Sky Trek zipline tour. However, if you choose to acquire a TreeTram ticket independently, you’re more than welcome to join your friends and family on the cable way ride. Additionally, you’ll have the unique opportunity to witness their exhilarating flights along the first two ziplines.
In our effort to minimize paper usage, we strive to be environmentally conscious. While printed maps may not be available, feel free to capture a picture of the maps displayed at the front desk.
Your safety is our priority. We’re committed to ensuring secure and enjoyable experiences; therefore, we suspend operations in the presence of strong winds or thunderstorms.
While wheelchairs can navigate comfortably from the main building to our sixth bridge (which happens to be the longest one on the tour) and return, it’s important to note that the gravel trails might pose challenges beyond this point.
Absolutely. With a naturalist guide by your side, they will ensure that the pace is comfortable for you, allowing for breaks as needed. If you choose the self-guided option, you’re welcome to take breaks whenever required.
With our guided tour, an expert naturalist guide will lead you through the captivating cloud forest, providing insights into the remarkable flora and fauna that envelop the area. Alternatively, you can select the self-guided option, granting you the freedom to savor the beauty of nature at your own rhythm.
While we offer the convenience of an on-site restaurant and café, you’re more than welcome to bring along your preferred snacks, drinks, and food items.
If your plans change, we’ve got you covered. You have the freedom to cancel your reservation up to 48 hours before your scheduled tour.
Yes, we do! We offer a wide variety of dishes that cater to diverse tastes and preferences.
Certainly! In our gift shop, you can discover a selection of ponchos and sweaters available for purchase. Additionally, if you require a change of clothes, we also offer T-shirts.
Currently, we do not have shower facilities available. We kindly suggest that you make all necessary arrangements accordingly.
You can make payments with all major credit and debit cards. Additionally, we accept cash in both USD and the local currency. Please note that while we accept a variety of currencies, Euros are not among the accepted forms of payment.
While the shuttle service is not included in the tour price, we do offer it as an optional convenience. There is an additional fee of $10 roundtrip, plus applicable taxes, per person.
To ensure you make it to our first tour at 7 am, our shuttle will typically start picking up passengers around 6:30 am. Do note that this timing might vary depending on the specific pickup location.
If you’re an early riser, you’ll find ample time to immerse yourself in all the activities we offer, all within the span of a single day.
Absolutely! While the website might not readily facilitate this, you have the option to reach out to our dedicated customer service team. They’re more than happy to assist.
Modifying a reservation is hassle-free. You can achieve this through our user-friendly website, or if you prefer, our dedicated customer support team is readily available.
We understand that your visit to Treetopia likely occurs during your precious moments of free time. Thus, we have dedicated ourselves to crafting an experience that aligns with your needs. We offer the flexibility for you to savor our park at your own pace, with no time constraints. Feel free to immerse yourself in the surroundings and relish the moment; we’ll handle the logistics.
The choice is yours! Whether you’re an early riser or prefer a bit more rest, our activities are available daily from 7 am to 3 pm. Select the schedule that aligns with your preferences, as we assure you that any time you choose will provide you with an unforgettable experience.
While our location high in the cloud forest mountains offers the beauty of small creeks, it’s important to note that these do not feature substantial waterfalls.


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