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Costa Rica Zipline & Challenge Course tour

Thrills and adventure with uncompromised safety

Discover an unmatched thrill with our Adventure-Mania package an exciting compilation of must-do activities that ensures a day filled with joy and excitement at TreeTopia Park. Ride the TreeTram cableway to the summit, soar through the cloud forest on the SkyTrek ziplines, and put your abilities and strength to the test in the Arboreal challenge course. Embrace the ultimate adventure fusion at a price tailored to your preferences.

Embark on a captivating trip aboard the TreeTram cableway. Ascend to one of Monteverde's highest points at 5,700 feet above sea level and begin your quest through the cloud forest.

Encounter 7 ziplines ranging from 460 to 2460 feet long, soaring at heights of up to 328 feet, and enjoy a total zipline ride spanning 1.9 miles.

Ride a 656-foot zipline bike, climb two trees, each reaching a towering 40 feet into the sky, challenge yourself to cross four different “monkey bridges”, jump from a tree at 43 feet high, and soar through the cloud forest on a 66-foot-long Tarzan Swing

Expect a 4-hour approximate tour duration, leaving you with ample time to soak in the experience.

What sets us apart?

Safety is our top priority

We're dedicated to your safety, ensuring that you're looked after every second as you enjoy the tour.

Infrastructure and equipment

We've invested in robust steel platforms and custom-made zipline cables, plus, we equip you with only the finest, top-tier gear.

Effortless braking ziplines

No need to press your hand against the zipline to stop yourself at the end (as unsafe as that sounds, it’s very common in other parks). Our unique pulley and braking system take care of that for you.

Exclusive cableway experience

As the only cable way ride in Monteverde and one of a mere five across Costa Rica, our uniqueness is palpable.


Prepare for a tour that's truly unlike any other in Monteverde. Our distinctive offerings ensure that your exploration transcends the ordinary, leaving you with memories that shine brightly in your travel story.

Customer-Centric approach

Our certified guides are committed to providing a secure, enjoyable, and memorable tour. Your satisfaction is at the heart of our service.

Guidelines and considerations



Full Package

Discover the ultimate adventure with our best-selling Full Package. Enjoy every thrilling activity at the best price guaranteed!