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Formerly Costa Rica Sky Adventures – Monteverde

Customize your experience by selecting the ideal mix of activities to match your preferences perfectly. Just follow three simple steps:

1. Select your tours: Choose all the activities that you want.
2. Choose guided or self-guided: This applies exclusively to the Sky Walk hanging bridges tour.
3. Book your bundle: Enter your data and complete your purchase.
3.1 Now, let’s plan how to make the most of the money you’ve just saved.


Costa Rica’s best ziplines: Safe, top-quality, and thrilling mountain-to-mountain rides.


Experience Costa Rica’s TreeTram: An easy-going ride through the cloud forest canopy.

HANGING bridges

Discover the iconic SkyWalk hanging bridges: Immerse yourself in the cloud forest from an entirely unique viewpoint.


Experience Costa Rica’s Tree Climbing Tour: Ascend to new heights and push your boundaries.

Create Your Ultimate Tour Experience!

What sets us apart?

Safety is our top priority

We're dedicated to your safety, ensuring that you're looked after every second as you enjoy the tour.

Infrastructure and equipment

We've invested in robust steel platforms and custom-made zipline cables, plus, we equip you with only the finest, top-tier gear.

Effortless braking ziplines

No need to press your hand against the zipline to stop yourself at the end (as unsafe as that sounds, it’s very common in other parks). Our unique pulley and braking system take care of that for you.

Exclusive cableway experience

As the only cable way ride in Monteverde and one of a mere five across Costa Rica, our uniqueness is palpable.

100% step free walk in the hanging bridges

Our step-free trails ensure that every corner of SkyWalk is open and welcoming to all.

Customer-Centric approach

Our certified guides are committed to providing a secure, enjoyable, and memorable tour. Your satisfaction is at the heart of our service.