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Formerly Costa Rica Sky Adventures – Monteverde
Treetopia Park Private Tours

All Fun Inclusive / Private tour

Private tour for Sky Trek – Sky Tram – Sky Walk includes: Private guide, private photographer, water and drinks

Amazing Forest - Private tour

Private tour for Sky Tram and Sky Walk


Costa Rica Private Tours

All the excitement and thrills, exclusively reserved for you.

Experience the ultimate adventure with our private tours, exclusively tailored for you and your loved ones. Immerse yourselves in the wonders of our park as you’re guided by Treetopia’s dedicated experts, ensuring an intimate and personalized journey. Say goodbye to the crowds and hello to a leisurely exploration of our park’s treasures. Uncover every enchanting facet of our park while creating cherished memories with your family and friends. Treetopia’s private tours offer an unparalleled opportunity to savor nature’s beauty in your own space and time.


Indulge in a world of choices with our exceptional tour offerings, each designed to cater to your unique preferences. Opt for an adventure-packed journey featuring exhilarating ziplines or embrace your inner nature enthusiast with a serene cableway ride and a hike across picturesque hanging bridges.

Ditch the queues and the hustle with our exclusive tour, tailored solely for you and your companions. You're in for a treat with complimentary beverages that perfectly complement your activities, enhancing every moment of your adventure.

Select from flexible scheduling options: 8:30 AM, 12:30 PM, or 1:30 PM, depending on your chosen package.

Private luxury pickup and dropdown available for up to five visitors.

Expect an approximate tour duration of 4 hours.

What sets us apart?

Safety is our top priority

We're dedicated to your safety, ensuring that you're looked after every second as you enjoy the tour.

Unique offering in the area

Our private tours stand apart from the rest, ensuring an unforgettable adventure that can't be found anywhere else.

Infrastructure and equipment

We've invested in robust steel platforms and custom-made zipline cables, plus, we equip you with only the finest, top-tier gear.

Effortless braking ziplines

No need to press your hand against the zipline to stop yourself at the end (as unsafe as that sounds, it’s very common in other parks). Our unique pulley and braking system take care of that for you.

Exclusive cableway experience

As the only cable way ride in Monteverde and one of a mere five across Costa Rica, our uniqueness is palpable.

100% step free walk in the hanging bridges

Our step-free trails ensure that every corner of SkyWalk is open and welcoming to all.

Customer-Centric approach

Our certified guides are committed to providing a secure, enjoyable, and memorable tour. Your satisfaction is at the heart of our service.

Guidelines and considerations





All the excitement and adventure, neatly packaged for you at the most attractive price.

rise beyond limits!

Discover an unmatched adventure with our Adventure-Mania package, a thrilling compilation of must-do activities that ensures a day filled with joy and excitement. Experience riding the TreeTram cableway to the summit, soaring through the cloud forest on SkyTrek ziplines, and traversing the SkyWalk hanging bridges.