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Costa Rica Cableway

Unique cableway in Monteverde’s Cloud Forest

One of only five cableways in Costa Rica and the only one in Monteverde’s Cloud Forest, the TreeTram is an easy-going ride through the canopy with amazing views. Enjoy it included as part of the zipline tour or, if preferred, as a single ride.


Experience the Monteverde Cloud Forest like never before.

Embark on a captivating 1-mile round trip aboard the TreeTram cableway.

Tours run every hour from 7 am to 3 pm, providing flexibility to suit your schedule.

Unveil stunning views from an observation tower and explore a hiking trail at the pinnacle of the TreeTram journey.

Embrace uninterrupted operations, seven days a week, ensuring we're here whenever you're ready to explore.

Ascend to one of Monteverde's highest points at 5,700 feet above sea level and relish in a refreshing drink at our Café, nestled within the enchanting cloud forest.

Opt for a standalone TreeTram ride and be accompanied by a knowledgeable naturalist guide, who'll regale you with intriguing and entertaining cloud forest insights during your ride in the cableway.

Perfect for all ages: our TreeTram cableway tour caters to everyone and is thoughtfully designed to accommodate wheelchairs and special mobility needs.

Anticipate an approximate 1-hour total tour duration (20 minutes roundtrip ride in the cable way), although you're welcome to savor as much time as you desire atop the mountain.

What sets us apart?

Safety is our top priority

We're dedicated to your safety, ensuring that your well-being is our constant focus as you revel in our park's offerings.

Exclusive cableway experience

As the only cable way ride in Monteverde and one of a mere five across Costa Rica, our uniqueness is palpable.

Pinnacle of Infrastructure

TreeTram cable way boasts Swiss craftsmanship, attesting to uncompromising quality and safety. Our commitment extends to sturdy steel platforms and observation towers. care of that for you.

Easeful hiking trail

Traverse a low-impact short trail to immerse yourself deeper into the splendor of the cloud forest or unwind with a steaming cup of coffee or a refreshing beverage in our Café.

Customers at the core

Our certified guides are dedicated to ensuring your tour is secure, delightful, and etches a lasting memory. Your satisfaction is at the heart of our service.

Guidelines and considerations





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